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24.04.2018 12:00

A deep brown or a calming gray? Tikkurila color expert's instructions will help you find inspiration for outdoor painting in nature.


To ensure that your home, cabin, sauna or terrace blends nicely into its surroundings, you should pay special attention to the surrounding nature when choosing your colors. Tikkurila has prepared a collection of beautiful and inspiring schemes to support you in selecting the right shades for exterior paint. The color cards and inspiration boards have been inspired by nature and its amazing hues. Their purpose is to offer a helping hand for those who need fresh ideas for outdoor painting.

“You should take a look around the house to find colors that fit the surroundings. Warm brown shades, such as semi-transparent colors 5163 Ruukki and 5072 Honka, are great for a pine forest environment. Locals of the archipelago favor shades of gray and even black, which help the local houses to blend into the surrounding rocky shores. The most popular semi-transparent shades of gray and black include 5089 Piki and 5087 Poro.. In a mixed wood, you may want to try out colors that fit the surrounding types of trees, such as 5069 Siimes and 5161 Juuri,” suggests Marika Raike, Design Manager and color specialist at Tikkurila.

According to Raike, the trends of exterior colors have not changed much: dark browns and the natural shades of wood remain as popular as ever. In addition to finding the correct color, the product used for surface treatment should be selected with care to make the surface as durable as possible. Tikkurila’s water-soluble exterior paints are long-lasting, weatherproof and ecological.

Marika Raike talks about her favorite exterior paints on the video

3 inspiration boards for picking the right exterior color

The inspiration boards present exterior color schemes that have been selected based on the surrounding landscape.


Shades of the archipelago

The color scheme for the archipelago and its rocky nature comes from the surrounding rock types and the shadows cast by pine trees.

Trendy semi-transparent colors: 5087 Poro (bottom), 5088 Turve (middle) and 5089 Piki (top)
Trendy opaque colors: Q803 Hiiri, Q829 Nuotio, Q859 Myrskylintu

Shades of a mixed forest
In a mixed forest environment, the best inspiration comes from the surrounding tree types.

Trendy semi-transparent colors: 5069 Siimes (bottom), 5161 Juuri (middle) and 5063 Sora (top)
Trendy opaque colors: Q707 Peikko, Q822 Pitkos, Q527 Kunnas

Pinewood colors
The overall impression of a pine tree is a warm orange, directing the painter towards various shades of brown.

Trendy semi-transparent colors:5163 Ruukki (bottom), 5072 Honka (middle) and 5058 Varvikko (top)
Trendy opaque colors: Q683 Tervas, D110 Menninkäinen, Q195 Rousku

Keep in mind!


Tikkurila’s paint experts prepared a list of important points that you should keep in mind when starting an outdoor painting project:

1.  The color will look lighter on a large surface
Use the color chart to find a darker, more broken version of the color you had planned to use. Tikkurila’s renewed Wooden Facades color chart contains opaque colors, and semi-transparent colors can be found on the Valtti color chart. Both color charts have been inspired by Finnish nature and include colors that are especially popular among Finns.

2. The landscape, time of day and season are essential
Colors look different when you look at them close up or from far away. From far away, dark surfaces will blend into their surroundings, whereas light surfaces will clearly stand out. A dark shade will look better next to a dark forest, but an open landscape with plenty of light offers a great environment for lighter colors. How you view color will also be affected by things like trees changing color in the fall, the pale light of winter days and the vibrant hues of summer. A neutral color that fits the surrounding landscape is the safest choice, as it will look good in any season.

3. Check the limitations
The use of colors is often restricted in urban areas. Before you start painting, it is a good idea to contact the planning authority to find out more about the limitations.

4. Prepare a test piece
Before you begin painting, you may want to test the paint on a separate piece of wood. This will allow you to ensure that you have the right color. If you want a semi-transparent finish for laminated log or board surfaces, select Valtti Plus Kesto. This satin-finish wood stain comes in intense Super Colors shades and offers a maintenance interval that is twice as long as those of ordinary thin wood stains. When using semi-transparent products, keep in mind that the quality of the wood surface will greatly affect the end result.

If you prefer an opaque surface, paint the board wall with Ultra paint that offers top-grade color retention. The best opaque option for log surfaces are the Valtti Opaque paints.

5. Kaunis Talo (Beautiful House) color combinations at your service
There are 40 different Kaunis Talo outdoor color combinations. The colors have been inspired by Finnish tradition and pay homage to the local landscapes.

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