Durable and beautiful: Environmentally friendly new products from Tikkurila, for wooden surfaces in gardens and yards

13.04.2018 12:00

Launched to greet the spring, the new Patio Verso and Saaristo Laituriöljy oils were specially developed for Finland's changeable weather conditions.


Tikkurila has developed new ecological, tailored products for plant boxes and piers during the outdoor season. Based on vegetable oil, Patio Verso and Saaristo Laituriöljy oils are designed to withstand Finland’s variable weather conditions, while respecting the environment. These new products protect wooden surfaces from graying, cracking and flaking.

"When developing these tailored products, we took account of the special requirements of the busiest areas in yards and gardens. For us, the environmental friendliness of the products is particularly important, as well as the fact that they protect wooden surfaces as well as possible,” says Hanna Salonen, Product Manager, Outdoor Products at Tikkurila.

Patio Verso is a water-borne wood oil for garden boxes and wooden structures in greenhouses. It protects wood from moisture and dirt. The product is safe for use in planting boxes for edible vegetables. Patio Verso is available in four natural colors: charcoal black, rustic grey, arboreal brown and forest green.

Saaristo Laituriöljy oil protects the non-submerged sections of piers from the weather. As the product is used near watercourses, its raw materials have been selected for environmental friendliness. Prior to treatment, you should wash the pier with Tikkurila Laituripesu. The pier can be washed in place, since the water-soluble detergent solution will not cause any harm to watercourses.

Patio Verso ja Saaristo Laituriöljy

In addition, for the outdoor painting season Tikkurila is introducing the fast-drying, easily applied Patio Pihakalustemaali paint, for breathing new life into wood and metal outdoor furniture; and the tintable Aitamaali paint for wooden fences, which effectively repels dirt, algae and mold from surfaces. The resulting paintwork is durable and easy to clean, if needed.

5 tips from Tikkurila’s experts on treating wooden surfaces in a garden and yards:

1. Do not compromise on cleaning the surface. A clean surface is a prerequisite for the success of surface treatment. 

2. Begin treatment only when the surface is clean and dry. The best painting weather is warm but cloudy. Do not treat surfaces in direct sunlight, or if there is a threat of rain. 

3. High quality working and protective gear is essential. You cannot achieve a good result with poor equipment.

4. Use tinted wood oil, as the product's color pigment will  protect the wood from UV rays and graying. First test the shade on a separate wood surface.

5. Read the directions for use carefully. Use the oil moderately and brush firmly in the direction of the grain, so that the oil is properly absorbed. If necessary, dry the surface after 10 minutes with a dry cloth. Allow the surface to dry until the next day.


For more information: 

Hanna Salonen, Product Manager, Outdoor Products, Tikkurila Oyj
Tel. +358 20 191 2115, +358 50 311 1306,

Nina Kaijasilta, PR & Communications, Tikkurila Oyj
tel. +358 20 191 2173, +358 40 757 3259, 

Tikkurila's painting advice service is open from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays:
Tikkurila Helpline Maalilinja, tel. +358 20 191 2002

Images: Tikkurila's garden products 

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