Red cottage still a favorite for Finns

19.06.2018 09:00

A red cottage and a potato patch has traditionally been every Finn’s dream. And the dream has come true: drive anywhere in the countryside and you will spot small red-painted cottages. Tikkurila conducted a study to find out what were Finns’ favorite colors for painting their house and to see if the dream of a little red cottage still lives on.


More than one third (35%) of Finns who completed Tikkurila’s survey considered red the most beautiful color for a cottage*. Almost one-fifth (19%) indicated gray as their favorite color, and one-seventh (14%) preferred brown. Other colors lost clearly to red: White cabins only appealed five per cent of Finns, and blue and yellow to just four per cent. The results of the survey showed that the traditional red still holds a strong position in the Finnish cottage landscape. 

Traditions attract

The color red has played a strong role in Finland’s history, and the charm just doesn’t seem to wear off. The Finns’ love of tradition and history is expressed in rural wooden houses as well as summer cottages. "Red is the traditional color for a cottage," says Marika Raike, Design Manager at Tikkurila. "Red houses have been an inseparable part of the Finnish landscape since the 1700s, which explains why red is so firmly fixed in the Finns’ minds.”

Red is a powerful color – especially when paired with complementary color, green. That's why a darker, slightly brownish red derived from iron oxide pigment looks so striking against the verdant Finnish summer scenery. While this traditional red retains its popularity, contemporary painters increasingly often choose a brighter shade of red. ”Red looks good against the verdure of the Finnish summer. If you prefer a brighter red, you can choose the popular D108 Tonttu or D109 Torppa. The most popular darker reds are the Q353 Majatalo and D110 Menninkäinen. Aito Punamultamaali, a paint manufactured using traditional techniques and is also known as Swedish farm paint, blends nicely in the summer landscape,” Raike describes.


Weatherproof and visually pleasing surface treatment

When choosing a paint for your cottage, it is advisable to consider the challenging Nordic weather conditions that cottages everywhere in Finland are exposed to all year round. Tikkurila's Ultra Classic is the result of 150 years of experience and product development, and is the perfect choice for any cottage. If you are looking for a finish that does not cover the wood structure, Tikkurila Vinha is the right choice. Developed for the wooden façade, Vinha withstands Finland’s extreme conditions and forms a water-repellent surface. A painter who respects the landscape can choose his favorite shade from the new Wooden Facades (Puutalot) color card. The chart consists of 100 carefully selected shades that blend in seamlessly in the Nordic landscape.

* Tikkurila brand survey, May 2018. The respondents were Finns aged 20–64 years, nationwide sample (N = 744).


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