Tikkurila’s paint donation gave quality and color to the interior of the New Children’s Hospital

18.05.2018 09:00

The New Children’s Hospital has focused on the high technical quality of surfaces, and on colors and comfort. The young patients will have an inspirational care environment, feeding their imagination and inviting them to play.


The New Children’s Hospital, to be opened in Meilahti, Helsinki in the fall of 2018, will be handed over to the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa on Friday, 18 May 2018. It will serve patients under the age of 16 from all over the country, and the treatment of many serious children’s illnesses has been concentrated there.

Tikkurila Oyj has supported the project by donating the hospital’s interior paints and fillers, worth about half a million euros. Cooperation with the New Children’s Hospital is part of Tikkurila’s Sustainable Beauty program for social responsibility.

“I am proud that we can support the wellbeing and recovery of children and adolescents in the children’s hospital with Tikkurila’s durable paints that also meet the strict hygiene requirements. The environment, such as colors, play a major role in a child’s recovery. It’s important for us to take an active part in projects in which we can promote the wellbeing of people of all ages, and use colors to create happiness, comfort and durable beauty,” says Tikkurila’s CEO Elisa Markula

Technical properties for a demanding environment

Surface treatment products must meet many requirements in a hospital environment: they must be easy to clean and preferably be antibacterial. For example, the Tikkurila Argentum 20 special topcoat used in operating and patient rooms, laboratories, monitoring rooms and reception areas creates an extremely durable finish that withstands mechanical wear and hydroblasting and also the detergents and disinfectants used in hospitals. In addition to using Argentum 20, which contains active silver that prevents bacterial growth, the New Children’s Hospital also uses, for example, mold-resistant Luja Universal Primer, Luja 7 top coat and Temafloor floor coating. Special effects have been created with Taika, Liitu and Magnetic.



User experience comes first

Cooperation with the New Children’s Hospital has been an important and pleasant project for Tikkurila. The inspirational interior decoration concept has been a source of joy to the makers – and soon also to the users.

“It’s great that we can contribute our technical expertise for this important joint project. I hope the bright colors, chalkboard paint and magnetic surfaces will help the patients’, their families’ and the personnel feel a bit better,” says Kaarle Luukkainen, Tikkurila Sales Director for Professionals in Finland.

Tikkurila has experience in hospital and care environment projects from Sweden, taking part in the building of the Nya Karolinska Solna (NKS) hospital, to be completed in 2018 next to the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna in greater Stockholm. 

An inspirational color scheme also suits other than care environments.
“In addition to hospitals, we have also taken part in recent years in many educational institution renovations. People are paying more and more attention to the use of colors and to comfort. It’s great that there is more focus on user experience,” says Luukkainen.



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