Finland 100 centenary year

SuomiFinland100The year 2017 is the centenary of Finland's independence. Tikkurila is one of the official partners of the Finland 100 centenary. To celebrate the year, Tikkurila has looked into the favorite colors of Finnish homes and will compile them into a color card covering the whole of Finland.

The official theme of the Finland 100 centenary year is "Together". This will also be reflected in Tikkurila's campaign. Colors will also be one of Tikkurila's Finland 100 campaign themes. Have the all-time Finnish favorites, yellow and red, stood the test of time, or is the Finnish landscape now colored with more modern shades?

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Murals created to celebrate the Finland 100 centenary year

To further celebrate the centenary, Tikkurila will donate murals to several locations in order to decorate and liven up the everyday environments of Finnish people. The murals will be designed and painted in various places around the country by Finnish artists.

The first mural, donated by Tikkurila, is designed and painted by Jukka Hakanen in Oulu

The mural in Tikkurila, Vantaa is designed by Tommi Musturi and painted by Ruusa (Rosa Kivinen).

The third mural was painted in August in Joensuu by a local artist Katja Kouvalainen.

Joensuu mural

World Expo 2017

The 2017 World Expo will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan between June 10–September 10, 2017. The theme of the expo is "Future Energy" – promotion of sustainable energy and sustainable design.

World Expo 2017 Astana

Finland participates at the Expo with its own pavilion, carrying the theme "Sharing Pure Energy". Finland will present the Finnish energy efficiency know-how and cleantech expertise as well as digital solutions, education, health technologies and healthcare through known Finnish brands.

Tikkurila is one of the key partners of the Finnish pavilion. At the expo, Tikkurila will promote its sustainable solutions for energy effiency and a more sustainable life. The Finnish pavilion will be painted with Tikkurila's paints and coatings.

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Astana Expo 2017 (Tikkurila press release on March 10, 2017)

Astana Expo 2017

Astana Expo 2017

Astana Expo 2017

Astana Expo 2017

Astana Expo 2017